Kristiina's new book of poems in Ilmar Lehtpere's translation entitled On the Edge of a Sword will be published by Arc in February 2018. More information here.

On the Edge of a Sword

Naised köögis, the contemporary folk group of which Kristiina is a member along with Sofia Joons, Kairi Leivo and Katrin Laidre, have recently released their first CD. The group's official video can be seen here. There are other videos on the Video & Audio page.

volume of Kristiina's latest stories entitled Walker on Water (Unnamed Press) was published on 1 June 2014.
More information here.

Kristiina's book 1001 Winters (Bitter Oleander Press), published in 2013, has been shortlisted for the Poetry Society Popescu Prize. The Popescu Prize is given every two years to the best book of European poetry translated into English. Kristiina's book The Drums of Silence won the Popescu Prize in 2007.

In a Single Breath - Ühe hingetõmbega, poems and prose poems in Estonian and English, has been published by Cross Cultural Communications in Merrick, New York.


Kristiina's short story "The Surrealist's Daughter" appears in the anthology Best European Fiction 2013 (Dalkey Archive Press). 


The Spring 2012 issue of The Bitter Oleander (18/1) literary magazine contains a 32 page feature devoted to Kristiina's poetry and prose as well as an in-depth interview.